Musical debuting this weekend is spelled F-U-N-N-Y

August 25, 2010

Putnam County Spelling Bee-16

Have you ever watched the spelling bee that comes on sports networks when there are no interesting sports happening? Do you get as enthralled as I do?

Okay, maybe not. But imagine that the spelling bee featured six incredibly quirky (and hilarious) kids, including someone who’s best friend is the dictionary, an elementary school political activist, and someone who has to go into a trance to spell words correctly, and that the bee is staffed by three equally quirky people, including an ex-convict “Comfort Counselor”. Sounds a little more interesting, right?

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee from Lock and Keynote Productions will definitely have you laughing frombeginningto end, and it opens tomorrow night at the College of the North Atlantic.

Interested? Read on the find out more!

Putnam County Spelling Bee-15

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee revolves around the experiences of six students as they try to become the championship speller and deal with their ownneuroses. They are fed words to spell by Vice-Principal Douglas Perch (Mike Payne), and Rona Peretti (Kara Wilkinson) moderates and provides commentary for thecompetition. Of course, once one of the spellers spells something wrong, they need someone to comfort them, so we have comfortcounselor(and ex-con) Mitch Mahoney (Chris Jackman) to provide hugs andjuice boxes.

Putnam County Spelling Bee-7

Putnam County Spelling Bee-11

A lot of the fun of this show comes from the unpredictable nature of it. Sometimes the actors won’t even know which word they will be asked to spell, leading to improv-fun-times. There’s also a huge audience participation factor to Spelling Bee. In fact, four audience members will actually get to be a part of the show as guest spellers. When I stopped by a rehearsal yesterday, they let me join in and it was lots of fun, and I think it would be even more fun during an actual performance. Unfortunately I spelled my word wrong, but maybe you’ll do better!

Putnam County Spelling Bee-13

Putnam County Spelling Bee-9

Putnam County Spelling Bee-2

Lock and Keynote Productions is based out of Ontario, but they have been coming to Corner Brook for the past five summers to host the Musical Theatre Camp at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College. This is their first production in Corner Brook, but if things go well, I doubt it will be their last. The actors all seem to be having piles of fun, and who knows, maybe this experience will inspire some of them to create their own theatre groups in Corner Brook.

Putnam County Spelling Bee-14

Putnam County Spelling Bee-10

Putnam County Spelling Bee-12

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee opens Thursday, August 26, at 8pm at the College of the North Atlantic in Corner Brook. You can also see it on Friday and Saturday evenings (8pm) or at the matinees on Saturday or Sunday afternoon (2pm). If you’d like to join the cast onstage as a guest speller, simply arrive at the College of the North Atlantic 30 minutes before showtime. Tickets are $15, or $10 for students and seniors, and are available at the door or in advance from Brewed Awakening on West Street.

Spelling Bee is directed by Chris Jackman. More photos are available here, and for more information visit the Lock and Keynote Productions website.

  • Shari

    Thanks for the great article, Tom! Hope to see you at the show!

  • tom

    Wow great show saw it tonight on opening night reccomend to everyone get their asses down to cona and see this show.The actors were wonderful , show was funny and interactive go see it.

  • Cathy Robinson

    I saw the show on opening night and it was amazing. Very funny – great acting, singing, live music and choreography! Keep up the great work !!

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  • Ron Dingwell

    Great photos Tom. I saw the dry run last week. It was fantastic & I hear it pails in comparison to a spectacular opening night. Get your tickets asap !

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