An Open Stage for the Underage

November 29, 2010

Open Stage 1

On Sunday afternoon about twenty music lovers got cosy in the back of Brewed on Bernard for An Open Stage for the Underage, an all-ages open mic event geared towards junior high and high school students.

Organized by Paul Heppleston (Mr. H Presents…), the monthly open mic events have been incredibly successful in giving young people a place to play and practice their music.

Open Stage 2

The open mic’s were originally held at the Oasis Grillhouse in Pasadena but have been happening at the very cosy Brewed on Bernard for the past few months. It’s been primarily musicians performing so far but this would also be a great and open place to practice that monologue you’ve been working on or to read that favourite piece of poetry.

The Open Stages are likely finished until after Christmas but Paul is organizing some all-ages concerts for around Christmas-time. Keep your eye on the Mr. H Presents… Facebook group and on for details.