Where is Corner Brook’s best Chinese food?

January 24, 2011


Somewhere near the top of the list of things that surprise me about Corner Brook is the number of Chineserestaurantsin the city.

Because there are so many places to get Chinese food, everyone must have their favourite! What’s yours? Leave yours in the comments below and next week we’ll take all of the suggestions and vote on the best place to get Chinese food in Corner Brook!

In case you missed it, last week we voted on the best place to get pizza in Corner Brook.

  • Jordan

    Although a little pricey, I think New China is the best. The food is tasty, the service is fair.

    • Education Girl

      I enjoy New China, I don’t find them pricey though.

      • Jordan

        $6 for won-ton soup?!

      • Guest

        That’s because they make their won ton soup with all fresh, highest grade ingredients, and from scratch ( I used to work there). Which can’t always be said when it comes to restaurants in general, Chinese, Canadian, or any other type.

  • CB

    Jade Garden it’s reasonably priced, has good service, and it’s tasty.

    • Jordan

      I don’t enjoy the service at Jade Garden, nor to I enjoy the dirty fish tank.

    • Education Girl

      That is where my parents always decide to go when they go out for Chinese food. The food is good, and I enjoy their friendly waitstaff.

  • Mandy

    The Dragon!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4MKIQ4IJOREOB2ZQ2JPRPGJ3PQ xxb

    The New China restaurant has great food; always fresh looking and tasty. As well, being a new operation in a new building makes me feel that the premises and equipment is modern and sanitary.

    For pure anarchy and satisfaction however, nothing will ever be better than the old ABC restaurant off Broadway at 2:30 in the morning on a weekend after getting out of the clubs with your friends. Nothing short of onsite murder got you kicked out and being totally wasted just made the food taste better.

  • Jjjjjj

    The Dragon, by far!

  • http://twitter.com/Brad_Evoy Brad Evoy

    Jackie Tan’s, without a doubt. Great service, great location and great food!
    What else can one ask for?

  • Yahoo

    Tai Ann…least msg

  • Lancasterperch

    New China.

  • Guest

    Anything BUT Jackie Tan’s with their rude sign stuck up in the middle of every table saying they’ll charge you 5 dollars if you don’t eat all of your food. Totally disrespectful and unbelievable.

    • Education Girl

      They were by far my favorite when they were still at the top of Mt. Bernard. Since they’ve moved and introduced the buffet they’ve gone downhill. The service is terrible, the food usually tastes stale or just old, they tried to charge me a dollar for tap water with a slice of lemon in it (I could buy a whole lemon for cheaper than that!) and the signs are unbelievable. I’d like to see them try to charge me $5 for not finishing my meal.

      • http://twitter.com/Brad_Evoy Brad Evoy

        Oh come on, folks. It costs money to run a buffet like they do at Jackie Tan’s and while they could do a better job of making notifying customers of this, it’s perfectly understandable in my books. Besides, it’s a common occurance for buffets to charge for wastage in other places.

        If you’re eyes are too big for your plate, serves you right!

  • island sweet

    is there anywhere in corner brook that serves tofu?

    • Guest

      New China, if you call an hour or two ahead. Quite silly, really. Tofu is a central ingredient to any authentic Chinese food.

      • Jared

        Yes, but let’s face it, most people don’t want tofu — they want chicken balls and rice, lol.

      • Guest

        The problem is that living in Newfoundland makes it really hard to get the best ingredients for the item. Especially in Corner Brook. And, it’s actually not authentic to an Chinese food, but we do enjoy it.

  • Jennie

    Jackie tan! It is the only place I will go to now.

  • Nfldpunk

    The Dragon is by far the best Chinese food in COrner Brook. Have you ever had their egg rolls? I have never had an egg roll anywhere else that compares to those at the Dragon. And their Chicken fried rice is awesome, their combo plates are wicked, the prices are reasonable and the service is quick and friendly.

    • Education Girl

      I enjoyed the Dragon until I started hearing stories about what their kitchen looks like. I don’t know whether it’s true or not but I haven’t been back since.

  • murr709

    Jade Garden. #1. Fast service, reasonable prices, friendly staff.

  • Kewe


  • Afidus

    the dragon for sure

  • shimdaigon

    lucky star by far

    • Jared


    • hd

      You must be joking!! Nasty!!!!

  • hd

    The Garden. Love the staff there.

  • Education Girl

    I haven’t eaten at all of them (I’m personally trying to avoid Lucky Star for one…) But, I’m going to say New China. After them it would be Tai An, and then Jade Garden. Then Dragon, and in last Jackie Tans.

  • Whitney

    The Dragon!!
    Most hilarious waitresses I have ever met. And also super delicious food.

    New China is also pretty fantastic – super clean and friendly.

  • coffeeguy

    Folks, try Lucky Star it is the freshest and most flavorful in town. Plus it is right across from Harbour Grounds!

  • coffeeguy

    Folks, try Lucky Star it is the freshest and most flavorful in town. Plus it is right across from Harbour Grounds!

  • Nadine

    Tai An! New China is nasty!

  • Barnes Marsha10

    I enjoy the Dragon:)