Changes at the Corner Brook Plaza

May 31, 2011

With the closure of CD Plus still fresh on the minds of many local music lovers, there are changes happening at the Corner Brook Plaza these days, with even more coming down the pipeline.

The CD Plus space at the south end of the mall is still empty, but the closure of a dollar store at the opposite end has led to the opening of a shoe store. A Buck Or Two closed down a month or two ago (or more?) and in it’s place now stands a very bright and colourful Payless Shoe Source, much to the delight of shoe lovers in the region.

Of course, the big talk over the past few days is that the Corner Brook Zellers location will be transitioned to a Target store by sometime in 2013. Target acquired Zellers in January and will begin transitioning 115 locations (including Corner Brook) in 2012.

Finally, in the middle of the mall, lovers of greasy fries and gravy will have noticed the closure of the Corner Cafe across from SportChek. You might have seen this sign recently though:

“Opening soon: David’s Tea”

David’s Tea is Toronto based chain of tea shops, with locations from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. They sell loose tea, tea accessories and tea drinks. Tea lovers will certainly be happy to see an increased selection in the city.

What do you think about these new stores? Disappointed that they aren’t local? Excited for new options? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Lead photo by Michael Coyne.

  • Robert White

    Do we really need another Coffee/Tea shop?

    • Ryan

      Yup! I love em!

    • Big Bozo

      @ Robert….YES we do!

    • CB

      There is a need to buy better loose tea here in the city. Brewed has loose tea, but many people don’t like their Earl Grey and visit St.John’s or ask friends visiting London, England to bring back quality teas. Britannia Teas is a great example of a tea shop in Newfoundland. The big question are the teas organic or fair trade??

    • Teagirl

      It’s not a Coffee/Tea shop like Brewed or Tim Hortons. It’s a place to buy tea and supplies for your own home. It’s actually a wonderful store!

    • Robert White

      Hey, as long as it isn’t just another Brewed/Tim Horton’s clone. Sounds like David’s Tea could be a business I can support.

  • Jordan

    We need another CD store. In order for me to keep up with my collection of music, I have to go to wal-mart and they don’t even have that wide of a selection of music.

    • CB

      Could a place like Fred’s in SJ work in Corner Brook if someone decided to open one? I think that person would have to have other sources of income. The problem seems to be that iTunes and Amazon are putting physical media shops out of business.

      • Anonymous

        I think it might work. From what I heard, the CD Plus location was doing fine business but only closed because of cutbacks throughout the national chain.

      • Shane Spencer

        Or how about HMV? I wish HMV came to Corner Brook…what would the Corner Brook Plaza be
        without a store that sells CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs now that the CD
        Plus chain went out of business?

    • Adam

      I agree, Jordan… While I realize that people are increasingly buying/obtaining music online, I’m sure there’s enough avid music collectors in Corner Brook to support a CD store. As long as they also sell other music-related merch (posters, printed tshirts, pins, etc)

    • digitalmusicfan

      I disagree. If you want music, you can order it through Amazon and have it within a few days for the same price (if not less). But I honestly think another store would be beating a dead horse. CD stores have “jumped the shark.” The reality is that a majority of the people are buying their music through Itunes or similar sites. There are still options to buying the actual, tangible album but the Ipod has taken over and it’s time we accept it.

  • CR

    A tea shop will do well in Corner Brook.  A CD/media store, though…maybe not so much.  Pretty much any that have existed in the past (and I’ve seen a lot throughout the years) have eventually failed, and as mentioned previously, physical media is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  You can’t play that CD on your iPad or other MP3 player.  I’m not certain that I buy the “cutbacks” statement for CD Plus.  If it was a viable business, it could have continued on under a different moniker.  Sad for the closure, but it’s reality.  When you see the musicians themselves pushing the online realm, you know there’s been a major market shift.

  • Juanita morrissey

    would like for the shop to be located out of the plaza beacuse of the hours , but will wait and see,

  • Guest

     thanks for the info

  • Helena Antle

    These kinds of shops can be seen in many shopping centers and malls. That’s not unusual. However, it’s still good to have one local shop near you. What’s that sign all about? Why did it block the other one?

  • Marlene

    I am so happy that we have a great place to buy different types of tea here in Corner Brook.I love teas and  have been drinking many different herbal teas for years.I have been buying Davids teas since they have opened here in Corner Brook .I find their teas great and their staff wonderfull.

  • CBPlazaSucks

    Corner Brook, seriously gets the worst stores in Canada.

  • raerae

    needs more betta fish