Summer Mix Tape: Starred Opposite

June 24, 2011

Moving from folk to rock, this week’s track on the Summer Mix Tape is a song from former heavyweights of the Corner Brook music scene, Starred Opposite.  The band has been much less active in recent years, but their creative blend of progressive and indie rock deserve a place on any local playlist.

The story of Starred Opposite lies in two earlier bands that were very popular in Corner Brook.  Formed out of Grenfell in the early 2000′s, the band Kuroda combined Brad Robertson, Neil Targett, and Dennis Keough to create some wild progressive instrumental rock music, filled with catchy hooks, and shifting dynamics and time signatures (you can hear Kuroda here).  After touring across Atlantic Canada, drummer Dennis Keough left the band, but Robertson and Targett soldiered on, keeping their wild and experimental edge and gaining a slew of electronic instruments.  This new duo, Korgsican Brothers, showed off their new electronic sound at numerous shows in the city, even playing with Halifax indie rockers Wintersleep in 2005.

Starred Opposite was born with the addition of a new drummer, Greg House, and the three piece group returned to a sound more similar to that of Kuroda.  These new tunes however, added vocals from guitarist Brad Robertson, and followed a somewhat simpler structure.  The Starred Opposite track Swim starts with a dark guitar riff, moving through sombre verses and choruses, ever building in intensity to its peak with reverb-soaked guitar picking.  It’s steady groove provided by solid drums and bass inspires a vision of yellow lines flying by on the asphalt, and  is just great to help pass the miles on your summer road trip.  Check out the track below.

Starred Opposite - Swim

Check next Friday for the third track on the Summer Mix Tape!

  • Rick

    Nice to see a great band from back in the day get a good shoutout!

  • Brent

    Starred Opposite are awesome, as were Kuroda. Talented guys, no doubt about it.  

  • M.L.

    A drummer’s been lost in the shuffle