Summer Mix Tape: The Mountains and The Trees

June 17, 2011

The summer is nearly here, and with it comes summer vacations, car rides, and road trips.  It’s been said that the best part of a trip is the journey and not the destination, but let’s face it: the inevitable delays and long hours of travel can be tough.

Whether you’re travelling across the bay or across the world, a little bit of Corner Brook music can make the journey that much easier and keep thoughts of home in the back of your mind.  This is why over the course of the summer, will be highlighting one artist every Friday with connections to the city, and releasing a list of all the featured artists at the end of the season.

The first artist to be included on our Summer Mix Tape is Corner Brook-by-way-of -Pasadena’s The Mountains and the Trees.  The band is made up of multi-instrumentalist and only constant member Jon Janes, and a revolving cast of players he calls the Valley and Seas Orchestra.  Starting with small shows around town while Janes was a student at Grenfell Campus, The Mountains and The Trees recorded their 2007 album Document in the city at the First United Church on West. St and have seen grown in popularity across the country, and the world.  With a folk-rock sound inspired by the likes of Hayden and Iron & Wine, Janes has played shows at Toronto’s North by Northeast and the Toronto Film Festival, made three tours across the Europe, and has been featured on TV and radio around the world.

The Mountains and The Trees’ first full length record, I Made This For You, contains a bittersweet break-up song called Goodbye Little Town that seems to be the perfect start to a mix tape (listen to the song below).  Janes sings about the sad realization of having to leave the scenery and memories of his “little town” behind.  The melancholy violin and soft lyrics capture the emotion of leaving home with just a hint of optimism for the future.  I can’t help but see images of Corner Brook in my mind while listening to this powerful tune.

If you like what you hear, there’s more music from The Mountains and The Trees at, or download their albums and EP’s at

Drop by again next Friday to hear the next track on the Summer Mix Tape!

  • Shutterbuggg

    Great song! Thanks for sharing — it’s amazing to bolster up local talent. Can wait for track 2 of the Summer Mix Tape. :)

    • Shutterbuggg

      *Can’t* wait… my bad.