International Go Skateboarding Day

June 21, 2011

June 21st is the first official day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and I’m sure we’re all ready for it (despite the forecast…). June 21st is also International Go Skateboarding Day. I’ve heard rumours that you might see groups of skateboarders rolling through our City streets showing off their energy and passion for their sport of choice. If you see groups of skateboarders go by, snap some pictures! We’d love to see the creative things they do.

Photo by Naoki Tomeno.

  • brightasyellow

    I dont have any problems with groups of skateboarders showing off their sport an any day. I do, however have a problem with the one guy on my street who skateboards down the middle of the road even when there are cars behind him. Its scary and not safe!
     But this certianly isn’t every skateboarder, I know that most of them have respect for themselves and others :)

    • dk

      what about bikes going down the middle of road with cars behind them?  

      • dubs

        That’s called riding your bike as a mode of transportation (for most) because Corner Brook does not have a whole lot of designated bike lanes. I’ve seen some bikes go faster than cars in some incidents.

        I would hardly compare a bike to a skateboard. The two are not of the same kind. 

      • dk

        i use my skate as a mode of transportation too, i can stop just as fast as a bike too,  its all about staying in control 

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