Summer Mix Tape: Allison Crowe

August 5, 2011

This week’s track on the Summer Mix Tape comes from talented songstress Allison Crowe.  While splitting time between homes in Nanaimo, British Columbia and Corner Brook, Crowe has garnered fans everywhere in between with her diverse and original style. This creative and emotional sound is what makes her a great addition to nearly any playlist.

Originally from Canada’s west coast, Allison Crowe began playing at coffee houses around her home in Nanaimo when she was just fifteen years old and began recording and releasing original music when she was twenty. Since 2006, Crowe has made her home in Corner Brook and nowadays she often spends most of her time, when not touring to support her music, in Corner Brook. It is from her home in the city that she does many of her recordings for her own label, Rubenesque Records. Working as engineer, producer, arranger, and songwriter, not to mention playing guitar, piano, and singing on the recordings, Crowe has been very busy. Releasing no less than seven records since the start of Rubenesque Records in 2003, and maintaining a relentless touring schedule across Canada and Western Europe, Crowe has paid her dues and enjoyed growing popularity.

On Crowe’s 2004 record Tidings, she puts her own spin on Leonard Cohen’s powerful classic tune, Hallelujah.  Though the song has been covered hundreds of times by hundreds of singers, this particular rendition possesses something special, and acts as a true measure of Crowe’s talent.  Her emotional take on the song was even included on a compilation of Cohen covers, was named Record of the Week two separate times by Record of the Day in the UK, and was considered for the soundtrack of the major motion picture, The Watchmen. Crowe’s rendition of Hallelujah truly is chilling, with her powerfully delivering every word from behind the piano.  The song’s emotion is really captured with the dynamic and soulful voice singing the lyrics, all the while soaring above gentle and melancholy piano chords.  For its’ incredible power, emotion, and musicality, Allison Crowe’s version of the Leonard Cohen classic deserves a place on our list.  Take a listen to Crowe’s Hallelujah from the video below (which has garnered a mere seven and a half million views on YouTube).

You can also check out a chat with Allison from’s Helen Reid.

Stay tuned for yet another track on the Summer Mix Tape!

Lead photo by Adrian du Plessis.

  • Adrian

    Aye, Allison’s performance of “Hallelujah” was slated to be in the Watchmen. Director Zack Snyder deemed it “too beautiful”, “too sexy” and “too romantic” in the end. (If you saw the movie, and, in particular, the love scene aboard the Owl Ship – you’ll know they were going for something quite… different! Right, Cornelius?)

    Thanks, Lukas, this is great fun! Best wishes for a great Summer, full of music and fun, to you and all Corner Brookers – coast-to-coast!

  • Allison Crowe

    thanks Lukas!! :o D fun!

  • Ashley

    I absolutely love this rendition of Hallelujah. Allison gives me goose bumps everytime!