Love for CB from Sarah Harmer

August 8, 2011

The name Sarah Harmer might not sound instantly familiar to everyone, but take a listen to a couple tunes and you’re bound to find something you know. With five albums released over the past 12 years and some popular hits like Basement Apartment, Sarah has become an integral part of the Canadian music landscape.

Sarah came to Corner Brook on Wednesday to play a TNL fundraiser at The Backlot. Check out some photos and video from the show below.

I’ll admit it right off the top – I was skeptical that this show would work. The Backlot can be a strange venue and often gets pegged as being a “student bar” making it difficult for them to host large shows like this one. Plus, if the turnout for the show isn’t great, the place feels a little empty. However, with about 400 people in there (like there were on Wednesday) the venue is fantastic. Add to that the kinda-steep ticket price, and I was a little worried.

However, way to go Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador — you guys threw a fantastic show with an amazing turnout. It was great to see so many people there and see so many people enjoy the show.

Sarah Harmer - 7

Sherman Downey and The Ambiguous Case got the show rolling, looking dapper in suits and ties. From the second song onward, people filled the dance floor, bouncing along. Their relatively short set was followed by cheers for that one-more-song. Even though they were the opening act, they obliged and kept the dancing going a little longer.

Sarah Harmer - 1

Sarah took the stage solo at first, running through a few quiet, slower tunes before calling the rest of her band on to the stage to kick it up a notch.

The crowd as a whole couldn’t really decide what they wanted to do here. One group made their way to the front of the stage, excited to dance and sing along. Another group made their way to the front of the stage and sat down on the floor, content to watch from there. And then there was a group of people who had formed a large semi-circle of chairs around the stage, outside the dance floor.

Unfortunately, the dancing and singing and standing people were blocking the view of some of the chair-sitting people, who had likely staked out a good spot early in the night. This lead to some not-too-happy chair-sitters.

Sarah Harmer - 2

People seemed to work out their differences eventually, but it led to an awkward atmosphere for a little bit. Nevertheless, the show went on fantastically. The entire crowd sang along to Basement Apartment, danced through Captive and swayed along to One Match.

After a quick break, the band came back for a great encore, and ended the show the best way possible: with people wanting more.

Check out some videos from the show below:

Did you make it to the show? What did you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • Sarah fan

    A GREAT SHOW!!!! From what I understood it wasn’t meant to be a sit down show. Sarah has been around long enough to get a pretty solid fan base and she rarely comes to Newfoundland. So, if you’re a fan, when she does come to the area and you finally get to see her you don’t really want to be sitting… you want to enjoy the music and dance along. If the people sitting were that concerned they wouldn’t have chosen to place the chairs starting 30 feet back leaving so much empty space in front. There were 400 people and the only space available to stand and get a good view was right in that area. My two cents.

    Either way, a FANTASTIC night and a great show by the lovely Ms. Sarah Harmer and her band!

  • kilgore trout

    Agree with Sarah Fan. People just happened to drag the chairs from the back and placed them where it turned out to be awkward for them.  It’s unfortunate if the dancing and singing crowd of fans affected thewir enjoyent of the sjow, bur at Sarah..stated, it wasn’t meant to be a sit-down show.
    Let’s hope there are more of these gret shows in CB.