There’s a “Newfound Energy” at CBRH

October 21, 2011

We’re back for another great year at Corner Brook Regional High and it finally feels like the school year has started. Why so late? Well, the Canadian Student Leadership Conference (CSLC) took up most of September for a lot of students and put everything else on hold. We didn’t mind though — CSLC was one of the best things to ever happen at our school. Thanks to the conference, there’s a “newfound energy” in our students, and projects and events are popping up like never before! There’s a lot to look forward to from CBRH in the near future. First though, here’s what happened at CSLC 2011.

The pre-conference started on September 25th and about 200 students from all over the country got to experience the beauty and wonder of Gros Morne National Park. One day’s activities included a visit to the Marine Centre in Norris Point, a boat tour on Bonne Bay, a visit to the Discovery Centre in Woody Point, a walking tour of the Tablelands, a drive to Bottle Cove and a Kitchen Party! Another day’s events included a boat tour of Western Brook Gorge, time at Shallow Bay Beach, and a viewing of the Youth Island Theatre Exchange Program’s play “With Cruel Times In Between”. The last day of pre-conference was a choice between a bus tour of the Bay of Islands or zip-lining and river rafting in the Humber Valley.

Boat Tour Bonne Bay by Dianna Alteen
Photo by Dianna Alteen.

The pre-conference was an amazing start to the Canadian Student Leadership Conference and a great opportunity to show off the beauty of the west coast of Newfoundland to the rest of the country. It was also a bonding experience for Spirit Leaders and delegates. Friends made on pre-conference were friends you kept for the rest of the conference. The teacher advisors and students all had an incredible time getting a taste of beautiful Gros Morne.

Crazy Albertans Bottle Cove by Diana Alteen
Photo by Dianna Alteen

CSLC officially began on the 27th. The conference started out with the usual madness of registration, then a barbecue and bouncy castles and of course the opening ceremonies. The ceremonies were a time. They started with a parade around the Pepsi Centre of all the different provinces, and included a speech from Premier Kathy Dunderdale, and a jig on the accordian by Kerri Wells, accompanied by a dance performance.

Sherman by Gerald Ford
Photo by Gerald Ford.

Throughout the rest of the conference there was cheering, lots of cheering, and some more cheering. There were also keynote speakers, which included Chantel Kreviazuk, Danny Williams, Dr. T.A Loeffler, General Rick Hillier, Herbie Kuhn, Justin Boudreau and Ryan Walter. Delegates participated in workshops on leadership and world and community issues, spent time in their Spirit Groups, and went to concerts by Sherman Downey and The Ambiguous Case and Hey Rosetta!

Danny Williams by Gerald Ford
Photo by Gerald Ford.

On October 1st, the conference came to an end. The last day was spent doing community legacy projects like cleaning Magaret Bowater Park, and helping with construction in Bartlett’s Point. Students spent a few hours with billet families, and then went to the closing ceremonies and banquet. Speeches were given at the ceremonies by John Dennison and Reuben Austin, the co-chairs of CSLC 2011, and there was a performance by the next host, Weyburn, Saskatchewan. To finish the night there was a Much Music Video dance. Finally, the night drew to a close, and tearful goodbyes were shared.

Flag raising by Gerald Ford
Photo by Gerald Ford.

CSLC was something that had a huge effect on Corner Brook Regional High. About 100 of our students participated as Spirit Leaders, Puffin Patrolers and other kinds of volunteers. With such a large number of people having felt the inspiration and motivation that CSLC brings, there’s bound to be positive impacts at our school. In fact, you’re starting to see a change already — there’s more spirit and enthusiasm in the students.

So, now that that huge conference is out of the way, we’ve got lots more coming around the corner! To promote the Halloween UNICEF fundraiser that will be happening on Halloween night, next Friday will be “Wear Orange and Blue” Day at the school to support UNICEF. Students from CBRH will be going door to door on Halloween to collect donations (…and candy if they’re offered). Halloween for Hunger is also taking place this year, and CBRH students will be out Halloween night collecting non-perishable food items for our local food bank. Please donate generously!

Lead photo by Dianna Alteen.

  • Living in Lark Harbour

    Good to see the political bigwigs and Rick Hillier taking the time to acknowledge our future leaders.  One question: Is there a Bottle Cove in Gros Morne Park?
                                                                                      Living in Lark Harbour

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