Welcome to The White Horse

November 17, 2011

There’s a new pub in town: The White Horse Lounge, located above Whelan’s Gate on Herald Avenue. Haven’t had a chance to drop by yet? I dropped by on Tuesday evening to chat with owner and manager Kev Buckle and to take a look around.

White Horse - 2

If you spent any time at 709, D’Attic or any of the names for this venue that came before it, then walking up the stairs to The White Horse will feel nostalgic. The place has definitely been classed-up a bit since the D’Attic days though. Leather couches, a couple of TVs and some new art on the walls does wonders.

White Horse - 1

White Horse - 4

White Horse - 3

In fact, The White Horse also brings about a memory of another much loved Corner Brook pub: Casual Jack’s. The walls of The White Horse are lined with kitschy tin-posters and other knick-knacks, some of which used to line the wooden walls of Casual Jack’s. I suspect that the the art collection will grow throughout the bars lifetime.

White Horse - 5

White Horse - 6

I asked owner Kev Buckle if he was planning on having any entertainment at The White Horse. Definitely, he replied. He wants the bar to be a venue that opens its doors for touring bands and local bands alike and a place for new music to grow, much like both 709 and Casual Jacks were.

On Friday night The White Horse hosted local group Fuzz-Gun and filled the bar to capacity quickly — a great start for a bar that’s only been open for three weeks with very little promotion so far.

White Horse - 8

White Horse - 9

If you’re looking for a new place to grab a couple of drinks with some friends, it’s worth dropping by The White Horse. They’re open from 5pm until late everyday and have a wide range of drinks available. They’re selection of imported beers and liquors is wide and continues to grow. They want you to be able to get drinks at The White Horse you can’t get anywhere else.

If you’re looking for more information about The White Horse, check out their Facebook page.

Have you been to The White Horse yet? What did you think? Leave your comments below!

  • Greg

    Great Article on a great new Night Spot ownwed and operated by great people! The pics look fantastic! See you the weekend!


  • Lockyer

    Tom your coverage of new business is great. Our newspaper could learn from your efforts. Keep it up!

  • Bob

    Can’t wait to visit.

  • Paul S. Walbourne

    Love the pix, the place looks fantastic!!!

  • Tim Hutchings


  • Education Girl

    Great article. I had no idea this place even existed until now, but I will definitely be stopping by there some night soon!

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  • AFzgf

    Thought Whitehorse was cool but at 3:40 girl told me to not be behind the bar requesting songs even though everyone else was then apparently I put my empty glass down too hard and dude owner took it upon himself to get in my face. I said fuck it. Thought that bunch was ok but I guess they don’t need my or my buddies’ business. Oh well. Won’t be back there. Tell “” and her boyfriend they’re cool. Id like to drink with them and you somewhere else sometime. Definitely not the shittty WHITEHORSE though. Later. Good seein ya tho.