Allison Crowe returns with Tidings

December 1, 2011

Allison Crowe is preparing to kick off her Tidings concert tour in Corner Brook tomorrow night, so check out this interview with did with her last year, plus listen to her entire Tidings Christmas album for free!

Everyone has their favorite moments of the holidays. No matter who you ask there will always be at least one thing that stands above the rest which will surrender all other feelings, problems and become completely arrested by the season.

A popular choice is the reuniting of friends and family, and the sense of community around your neighborhood. Allison Crowe is bringing her Tidings show to Corner Brook tomorrow night and looks forward to having everyone together over the holidays.

“You can see family and friends that you haven’t seen in a long time, and just be together and celebrate. People seem to help each other more this time of year as well.

There’s a charitable spirit about that intensifies as the weather chills. It’s beautiful,” says musician, Allison Crowe.

For the last eight years Crowe has been performing the Tidings concert on the days leading up to Christmas. Last year the Tidings concert came to Corner Brook for the first time. Since Crowe calls two places home, Nanaimo, B.C. and Corner Brook, N.L., it’s only fitting that the tour covers both territories.

“No matter what else happens in the year, whether it’ s crazy and wonderful or bizarre and terrible, I know I can always count on these shows to bring everything and everyone back together. This time of year, too, a lot of people come home to visit family, so, to me, it’s kind of my version of bringing my families back together, on a grander scale.”

Tomorrow night’s performance will see Crowe perform the Tidings concert at the First United Church. Those in attendance should be prepared to embrace the sensations of the season as they will sit in an intimate setting filled with seasonal carols and original music from Crowe.

“For Tidings shows, I play a mix of seasonal songs, original songs, and some covers like the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, etc., and have a blast doing it. For the more traditional carols, there are a couple that are sort of repurposed and jazzed up a bit. I keep to the basics on a couple of the carols as well. Sometimes, and for many songs, in my view, the simpler the better.”

Allison Crowe’s Tiding Concert is tomorrow night, Friday December 2 at 8pm. Tickets are available at: Brewed Awakening (cash or cheque only, please – 35 West St. & 93 Mt. Bernard); Village Music (30 Main St.); Gary Bennett Music (93 West St.); & First United Church (19 Park St.); & ~ $20 General/ $15 Students & Seniors advance ($22/$17 door). More info @:

Lead photo by Billie Woods.

  • Adrian

    ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!! and happiest, healthiest, holidays to one and all :)

    thanks for your kind support throughout the year!! Allison and all of us on the A-team say cheers, and have a holly, jolly…

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