to livestream Song Writers’ Circle

February 23, 2012

On Friday evening Nick Hamlyn is hosting a Song Writers’ Circle at the GCSU Backlot with a fantastic lineup. Along with himself, other performers include Dave Peddle, Rea, Dave McHugh and Tom Brennan. The show will get started around 7pm and only cost you $10. Garaunteed to be a good time

Can’t make it down? We’re going to be streaming live video of the show right here on

The last time we streamed an event was the Community Issues Forum during the municipal by-election last winter. There have been a lot of people asking us to do something like that again, so here we go!

Along with Bay of Islands Radio, we will be streaming live from the Backlot starting shortly before 7. Barring any technicaly gremlins, you’ll be able to watch the show live online! If you would rather just stream the audio, Bay of Islands Radio can help you out.

However, we both know that watching it online will not be nearly as good as in person, so head down to the Backlot on Friday evening to check out the Song Writers’ Circle. And hey, it’ll be over by 9 or 10 so you’ll still have plenty of time to go out again afterward!

For more information, check out the Facebook event.

  • Cyhamlyn

    Hoping for a great turnout.  A lot of work has gone into it. And a lot of talented writers giving of their time.

  • Donnarandell

    Sounds like a great event!  So proud of you Nick!!!!

  • Ashes_7

    Very cool, nice to be able to see a show from across the way! Good luck to all the players.