Newfound Sushi is open

March 16, 2012

Newfound Sushi flung open their doors at 117 Broadway on Wednesday and were almost instantly met with large crowds of Corner Brookers, eager to try out their sushi.

Jillian Parsons stopped by and attempted to take some photos of their sushi before devouring it.

Blow Me Down Roll in progress:

Newfound Sushi - In progress Blow Me Down roll

Newfound Sushi - Blow Me Down roll

Jillian’s one-word review of the sushi she tried: delicious.

Newfound Sushi - Blow Me Down roll

Blow Me Down Roll:

Newfound Sushi - Blow Me Down Roll

Veggie Tempura:

Newfound Sushi - Veggie Tempura

Miso Soup:

Newfound Sushi - Miso Soup & Green Tea

Newfound Sushi - Blow Me Down Roll

Remains of the Blow Me Down Roll:

Newfound Sushi - remains of the Blow Me Down Roll

The menu:

Newfound Sushi - Menu Board

Have you checked out Newfound Sushi yet? Let us know what you think!

  • Guest

    I had the Blow Me Down roll too! It was amazing! Spicy salmon – yum!

    If you don’t like raw fish, don’t worry! Newfound Sushi has several options that include cooked meat, seafood and veggies!

  • Kevin

    Thanks for the post Tom the  Photos by  Jillian are amazing . This is a very exciting time for the team at Newfound Sushi and its feels great to have a dream of mine come alive.
    I look forward to serving all the sushi lovers of the west coast.
    Miso Happy

  • Ldchilds

    Congrats on your new place,  nice to see a unique flavor of food, Corner Brook needed this,and i hope your luck of interested customers keep flowing, the first day of business is difficult to judge, not knowing what to expect from the public or the restaurant, the decor was refreshing, your prices reasonable, the food i tasted was great,  in time hopefully you will get control of the WAIT time,and Prioritize in house orders or take out.

  • Tomgillingham

    Just had the Spicy Phili roll mmmmm good. First time in the place. Great little place  Kevin has great decor, good service I will be a repeat customer for sure, great that Corner Brook finally has a place like this, good luck to  Kevin and his staff.

  • Tim Moulton

    Finally a dedicated place to get good sushi!!!


    Looks beautiful. Haven’t had the chance to try it yet but I’m just itching to! And after a quick glance at the menu, the prices are more than fair.

  • JohnnyB

    The place was crowded tonight (Monday) and so the wait was a bit but I didn’t mind. The miso was well done. The green tea was good. The nigiri was generally good (good quality fishie bits) but the rice, I’m sorry to say, was a bit uneven. It’s all about the rice folks. Might have just been because it was the end of the night. I’ll be back. The place is comfortable and I think they’ll really find their feet soon. Looking forward to round two. 

  • Karen

    Welcome!! Will try your wares as soon as I get back!

  • Basha

    This place will not last, mark my words Corner Brook.  

    • Alexandria

      Why you’d have the ignorance to post something like this is beyond me! This place is a great addition to the Corner Brook food scene, and they should be wished luck or provided a congratulations to their BIG and (well deserved) successful bang of a start last week instead. It’s a bright addition to an otherwise “slower” traffic area that isn’t being taken advantage of enough, and if the owner’s success at Coleman’s was any indication (not to mention their wonderful food) this place will be here long into the future. 

    • Mjackson

      I’ll bet against you Mr. Basha!  It is new and fresh ideas like what Kevin has brought to Corner Brook in Newfound Sushi that will continue to make Corner Brook a great place to live.  I think it is our collective responsibility as a community to show our support for entrepreneurs like Kevin so that not only will this new restaurant be a success but it will pave the way for would be entrepreneurs or serial entrepreneurs to continue to take the risks and bring other new and great things to Corner Brook.  So Corner Brook, prove this guy wrong and start supporting these ventures by be buyers not whiners!  Good on ya Kev!  I’ll be there every week.

    • Walking Pickle

      What was that?

  • winks

    I can’t wait to try NewfoundSushi next weekend! After leaving Vancouver Island I have been craving some rolls of goodness!  drooooool

  • Sandra

    I’ve been buying Sushi made by Kevin since he first started at Coleman’s – I was a regular for the BC roll.  So glad to see that Kevin has branched out on his own – Corner Brook needs a place like NEWFOUND SUSHI!  Have had 3 meals since he opened the business, and am totally 100% pleased with the food.  Good luck to Kevin and your team – I’ll continue to support your business, for sure!

  • Basha

    La dee freakin da! Oh man, Corner Brook, always tryin to be different.  We will wait and see how long it is before an ignorant business owner tries to make a go of it in this sad retirement town of Corner Brook. 

  • Basha

    La dee freakin da! Oh man, Corner Brook, always tryin to be different.  We will wait and see how long it is before an ignorant business owner tries to make a go of it in this sad retirement town of Corner Brook. 

  • Denna Newman

    Congratulations Kevin & staff! So happy to see your dream become a reality! Newfound Sushi is the going buzz in all my circles! but tbh….shhh…Sushi is something I haven’t tried because being ignorant that sushi is more than just ‘raw fish’. Can’t wait to enter this new tasteful world!! See you soon