The Kitty Corner, Edition 1

August 9, 2012

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?”  ─Charles Dickens

Welcome to The Kitty Corner. In each edition of this series, I’ll introduce you to several cats from the SPCA in need of a permanent home. Special editions of the Kitty Corner will introduce you to dogs at the SPCA, but at present the facility has an abundance of felines. Each column will end with the proper contact information if a cat catches your eye.

A few of the East Side Cats looking for cuddles shortly after being brought to the LaFarge building this spring. The remaining cats currently reside at the Curling Fire Hall.

In Brief: East Side Cat Situation

Several months ago, close to two hundred cats were rescued from a Corner Brook house. SPCA and Scaredy Cat Rescue volunteers quickly mobilized to move them out and attend to their needs, with assistance from the City of Corner Brook and the public.

Nicknamed the “East Side Cats,” they were not in bad shape, considering their cramped circumstances. It was obvious that the owner somehow managed to care for them, but it was a very unhealthy situation. I met many of the cats, and they were generally very friendly. A good number of them have been adopted or fostered, but many remain. They currently reside in the Curling Fire Hall.

All the cats are vaccinated and blood tested. All the males are neutered ($50.00 adoption fee) and only 14 females are spayed ($100.00 adoption fee).

 “Cats are dangerous companions for writers because cat watching is a near-perfect method of writing avoidance.”  ─Dan Greenburg

And now we begin with the introductions. To build a formation for the format, I’ll start off with the two foster cats living with me. To clarify: not all cats in this section will be East Side.



The first cat I present to you is Lynx. Lynx currently lives in a foster home in Corner Brook, but would love to be welcomed into a permanent “fur”-ever house. Since I also board in the foster house as a student, I’ve gotten to know Lynx very well. Lynx’s precise age is unknown, but she’s still in the kitten phase. She too dignified to say so, but she tolerates the affection of dogs. I’d describe her general personality as “mellow and laid back.” Being a tortie, she also has a few unique personality traits that go along with the breed.

As I work on a draft of this column, Lynx is next to me offering advice.

Lynx also likes to help with homework. Soil engineering seems to be a favourite subject.

Cats never strike a pose that isn’t photogenic.”  ─Lillian Jackson Braun

Sarie likes whodunits, especially when they feature detective cats.


This is Sarie. She’s an adorable rambunctious little cat with a spectacular tail. Sarie lives in the same foster house as Lynx. Her precise age is also unknown, but she’s estimated to be younger than Lynx. Her meow is still very kitten-y, but is maturing.  Personality-wise, she’s the opposite of Lynx – scrappy, but sweet.


I can vouch for both of them, as I’ve known them for a few months. It’s fascinating to watch them interact, and then introduce a third kitten for a few weeks (a kitten-sitting situation). When you introduce cats as kittens, there’s a much better chance of them getting along. Older cats are set in their ways.

If you are interested in adopting one or both of these cats, please contact the NL West SPCA using the following methods:

Phone number: 785-2747.  Email: NL West SPCA Website.  NL West SPCA Facebook page.

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.”  ─May Sarton

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    Awesome little column. I love it’s purpose!