Hutchings Environmental Bulletin Vol. 5

October 4, 2012

In my Environmental Bulletin this week, I give you a heads-up on a Harvest Party hosted by the Western Environment Centre, and introduce you to College of the North Atlantic’s new student council, which has gained a strong environmental representation this year. I then conclude with an update on the bus system.

Harvest Party October 21

The Western Environment Centre will host a Harvest Party celebrating World Food Day and the success of the third year of their community garden. WEC invites the public to attend this event happening at the Blow Me Down Ski Lodge from 1 – 4 pm on October 21, 2012.

“World Food Day is an important time to reflect on how we can create more sustainable food systems both locally and globally” said event organizer Katie Temple. “The Harvest Party is a great way to show the community how we are working towards this goal here in Corner Brook.”

The event will feature a local food potluck, music and a bit of tasty competition. Community gardeners and the public are invited to submit an entry in one or all of the four contests including:

  • Funniest Looking Vegetable.
  • Kids Food Art.
  • Adults Food Art.
  • Best Prepared Food.

All submissions should include at least one local ingredient, preferably home grown.

“We had a wonderful gathering last year with contests, food and fun” said community gardener Stephanie Buckle. “This year we want to grow bigger and better so we’re not only asking community gardeners but also the general public to make submissions in our local food contests.”

The Blow Me Down Community Garden is just finishing up its third successful season, with the largest number of gardeners to date. In 2010, 17 plots were in use and in 2011 the number grew to 28. In 2012, approximately 34 community garden plots were rented by individuals, couples and families in the Corner Brook region. Many gardeners are reporting bumper crops this year thanks to an above-average summer.


Environment students strongly represented in CNA’s new student council

College of the North Atlantic students elected a student council with a strong environmental representation for this school year.

  • President Stephanie Perry  (Office Administration II).
  • Vice President Jaclyn Pope  (Environmental Technology II).
  • Vice President Shauna Paul (Office Administration II).
  • Secretary Emilie Harris  (Business Administration I).
  • Treasurer Brandy Ford (Environmental Technology II).

As of press time, the class reps are:

  • Welding: Rachel Bishop (Welding).
  • Arielle Alexander (Environmental Technology II).

Congratulations and good luck to the new council!

CB Transit Update

According to Steve May, director of operational services, the overall number of riders increased 68,488 in the year to 80,513 during the trial year. Ridership during a two-bus system as opposed to a four-bus system only reduced to 22 rides per hour from 24 rides per hour — despite the significant increased cost of the extra buses.

The number of riders was low during the evening hours, an addition during the trial period, averaging just seven rides per hour. Saturday riders were lower than daytime hours and higher than evenings — averaging 14 rides per hour.

The subsidy per ride, according to the cost results evaluation,  is lowest during the day, at $5.80 per ride, and highest during the evenings, at $19.98 per ride. (Link to Western Star story)

The buses are continuing to run on the summer schedule until October 31 at least until the city decides what to do. The City of Corner Brook has issued a follow-up survey to fill out on their website. Click here to do the survey.