Going on-air with CU Expo Radio

June 6, 2013


By Ivan Emke.

Next week, we’ll not only see lots of friendly visitors around town at the CU Expo conference, but we’ll also be able to HEAR some friendly broadcasting right on our own FM station! We’ll be setting up a Community Radio Station at the Pepsi Centre Annex, and will be broadcasting at 100.1 FM from Monday the 10th to Saturday the 15th.  How’s that for exciting?!

But the really cool thing is that we’re inviting you (yes, we’re talking to you — sitting there reading this in your pajamas) to join us! Maybe you want to be interviewed, or interview someone else, or rant, or sing, or tell stories, or make a pitch for how to solve world problems, or tell people about why you love living in this piece of the world, or recite fine poetry (or even bad poetry, who can tell the difference these days anyways…?)! Any of that is fine, and more.

So here are the logistics again:

  • Frequency: 100.1 FM (we’re webcasting too – check out www.boir.ca)
  • Dates: June 10-15
  • Location: Pepsi Centre annex
  • Contact: Ivan Emke, iemke@grenfell.mun.ca

And if, for some odd reason, you don’t want to participate… remember to listen!