Corner Brook Caving Adventures With The CBC

August 30, 2013


Dark, damp, muddy and sometimes a little bit chilly… but absolutely fascinating, and even a little extraordinary. Another world entirely, just minutes away from Corner Brook by drive, and a short walk into the woods along the pipeline – Corner Brook’s cave system is guaranteed to be a thrill for any adventure seekers both local, and from abroad!

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining CBC’s Jeremy Eaton on a cave tour with Jamie Harnum, guide from Cycle Solutions. I’ve done it a few times before, to be entirely honest. Each time, however, never ceases to amaze me – if you want to go right now, just send me an email and I’m down! It’ll never get old no matter how much I do it.

Camera Roll-718

After parking just before the rock-cut on Corner Brook’s south-east highway side, there is a small walk in along the pipeline before taking a turn onto a dirty and muddy path that takes you past many rocks & roots to the main entrance of the caves, accessible after a very short rappel down a rocky face.

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The main entrance itself is fairly spacious, so you don’t have to worry about heading in on all fours. Depending where you’d like to go and how deep you’re willing to adventure, however, you could find yourself navigating an impressive system of nooks & crannies that could potentially get tight! Jamie talked fondly of the various casual adventures he’d taken outside of the tours, and mentioned once when he found a claustrophobic dead end with a friend, and had to back out bit by bit entirely backwards… No worries of that, though! For the most part, in the standard tour, aside from a few tiny downhills, you are able to stand and enjoy the wonder of a massive cavern carved out of the limestone rock over hundred of years. If you fancy a subterranean swim, the option is also there!

Heading into the caves, you feel as if you’ve travelled a million miles or stepped into a nature documentary narrated by David Attenborough… When you turn off all of your headlamps and sit listening to the rushing under-water river echo around you, the darkness you (don’t) see is equivalent to the deepest part of the earth, the Marianas Trench.

Camera Roll-704
Like so.

But no! This excursion won’t cost your airmiles, and it’s entirely jetlag free. It’s just outside our fair city and accessible by anyone with the penchant for a little afternoon adventuring in one of our best kept (not so) secrets…

Camera Roll-689
Jamie explaining the birds and the bees of caves to Jeremy.

Camera Roll-701
A smiling Jeremy Eaton.

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A little wet..

Highly recommended as a great finish to the summer, or even a fun fall adventure!

Remember that these pictures shots are just a taste, and don’t nearly amount to the unparalleled feeling of actually being there…

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Happy spelunking!

Any comments, questions, or concerns? Drop us a line sure! gets me right away. And I’m not kidding– I’ll go caving again any time, just say the word.