10 Questions with Rich Aucoin

February 6, 2014


Rich Aucoin is a fantastic performer out of Nova Scotia. He’ll be coming to town for Jibfest, playing at Marble Mountain with Hear/Say on Feb. 14, and it promises to be a great show. Rich’s music is versatile enough that he can tour with bands like Hey Rosetta or hip hop artists like K-os. He’s been nominated for several East Coast Music Awards and the Polaris Prize. We caught up with him for a few questions before his show at Marble Mountain.

1) Have you ever been to Corner Brook before?

No, but I’m looking forward to and to taking the ferry over to Newfoundland for the first time too.

I’ve heard that you are an avid cycler, there is a great local bike shop here in town called Cycle Solutions. It’s worth checking out if you get the chance. 

Cool. I usually visit cycle shops on tour both out of interest and because I need to go to get C02 cartridges for my confetti cannons for the show. haha

2) Jibfest, the gig you are playing, takes place at Marble Mountain Ski Lodge.  Will you get a chance to hit the slopes while you are here?

Oh yeah, really looking forward to snowboarding in addition to playing the show and hanging out. I grew up watching the commercials for Marble as a kid so it’s firmly routed in my brain that it has the highest peaks in Atlantic Canada.

3) Your live show is legendary, incorporating everything from parachutes to GI Joe videos.  What can we expect in Corner Brook?

All of that… I’m constantly updating the set so you never know what songs you’ll hear or what videos you’ll see. I’m constantly redoing the way I perform the songs too so even older songs sound different each time and anything off the Personal Publication EP sounds nothing like it does recorded.

4) People don’t just go see a Rich Aucoin show, they experience it.  That’s obviously something you take pride in. Where do you get the inspiration and ideas for your live show?

I just think of all the things I’d like to see in a live show and try and incorporate them into my own. I take inspiration for the show from everything. Always trying new things too and seeing what works with crowds.

5) What’s the most memorable show you’ve ever played?

I’ve had so many unique shows from playing in inflatable bouncy castles to performing in pools to performing on beaches or in sweaty house parties where everyone was in their underwear to performing fun big festivals… it’s really hard to pick just one. My album release for We’re All Dying To Live though had about 80 friends performing with me which was quite amazing to be surrounded by.

6) What’s the most memorable show you’ve ever attended?

Seeing Rhapsody In Blue at Epcot Centre when I was 5 performed by a symphony and two grand pianos and cued up to a Laser and Firework display was amazing and is still etched in my memory as one of my earliest memories so that has the longest track record so far!

7) Fast five-

A good band: Hey Rosetta!

A good book: Le Petit Prince

A good song: It’s Never Over – Arcade Fire

A good movie: Her

A good food: Official Pizza

8) Where are living these days when you aren’t touring? Why do you choose to live there?

Halifax. Love it. I’m in LA for a couple months though. I don’t think I enjoy winter (aside from skiing/snowboarding/skating/surfing/sledding, etc.) as much as summer.

9) Do you ever get tired of life on the road? How do you keep yourself sane?

Nope. Work In Progress.

10) Finish this sentence: In ten years I will be ____________

Thinking I remember being asked this question 10 years ago and couldn’t think of anything to say.

Lead photo by Scott Munn.