The One Where Bill Gets Arrested

March 4, 2014


Day 11 of our winter tour. We are in Ontario now, heading towards Kemptville for a show at The Branch Restaurant tonight. The new van is holding up well so far. The only thing that’s not working great is the stereo, which is slowly driving us crazy but still getting us to the gigs on time. The shows have been great. We’ve done nine shows so far, I won’t bore you with the details of every single one, so I’ll try to highlight a few of the more interesting stories. Here’s the first.

I was read my rights in the back of a cop car the other night. Almost arrested! Here’s how — we packed up after our gig in Saint John, NB and started to head back to the hotel. I was designated driver for the night, and it was the first time I’d driven at night in the new vehicle.

I had flicked the switch to turn on the headlights, but didn’t realize they needed to be flicked twice in the new van. I was driving slow when we pulled out of the parking lot so one of the boys could load up the directions on their phone GPS, since we’ve never been to Saint John before.

So the cop who had been watching all this time from the parking lot sees a strange vehicle (red fifteen passenger van from the 90′s) pull out of the bar parking lot, with the lights off, and then proceed to slowly putt up the hill. Leaving a bar at 3 am. I didn’t make it 100 metres before we got pulled over. Now, I was the designated driver, so I was fine, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a faint smell of alcohol coming from some of the other passengers (who shall remain nameless). The police officer asks why I’m driving with the lights off, and suddenly I’m in the back of the squad car faster than you could say Justin Bieber.

The police officer read me my rights, and wanted to bring me to the station, but I convinced her to give me a breathalyzer on the spot. Which I passed, of course. Don’t drink and drive! I was still nervous though, the mind can play tricks on you when under pressure. Close one.

So that was how I almost got arrested in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Bill Allan is on tour with Sherman Downey and The Ambiguous Case, heading all the way to Toronto and back. Check out their tour dates here, or keep up-to-date with them via their Facebook page.