Meagan Musseau opens VACANCY

March 11, 2014

From guest contributor Katelyn Corbett.

On Friday, March 7th, Meagan Musseau‘s first solo exhibition Vacancy opened to a full crowd at JL Gallery. This new body of painted works by Meagan transforms the gallery space with its structural pulse – a rhythm I recommend you experience for yourself before March 22nd.

This exhibition utilizes visual contradictions: striking colour converses with a complete lack of pigment, sharp geometric shapes are placed amongst intuitive brushstrokes, and saturated white lines are patterned over raw canvas.

Vacancy (5 of 26)

Three large paintings demand our entrance, their physical size and eye-catching colour support our journey into this space created by Musseau. Also hung on the walls are nine smaller paintings, these appearing as visual deconstructions of the complex spaces that the large canvases support. These smaller works allow the conversation regarding vacant and occupied space to breathe and gain momentum.

Vacancy (10 of 26)

Musseau states that, “Even in emptiness, there is potential’. This is a phrase worth contemplation while you investigate Vacancy for yourself.

Vacancy will be on display at JL Gallery on Broadway until March 22, 2014.

Photos by Tom Cochrane.

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