MusicNL Week 2014 in Corner Brook: Day 1

October 24, 2014

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The MusicNL team touched down in Corner Brook on Thursday night to kick off the Corner Brook-portion of MusicNL week with the Corner Brook MusicNL Newfound Talent Contest! 

The Corner Brook MusicNL Newfound Talent Contest

MusicNL-nightone (4 of 17)Third-place winner Hannah Palmer performing an original song.

The Newfound Talent Contest featured over a dozen young performers from across the island performing in the music room at Corner Brook Regional High. The only basic rules were that they had to be under the age of 19 — other than that, they’re good to go.

Coming out on top was Cody Basha (from Mount Pearl), while local Kyleigh Brisson took second and Springdale native Hannah Palmer took third. All three were incredibly impressive and all three performed original music — heartwarming and exciting to see! They weren’t the only performers to play original tunes either, as a large portion of the contestants had written their own material. So much awesome!

MusicNL-nightone (3 of 17)Jeremy Pennel, who received an hourable mention from the judges at the MusicNL Newfound Talent Contest.

Cody, Kyleigh, and Hannah will each receive prize packages from MusicNL and from sponsors from around the province. The packages vary from first to third, but include recording, music industry consultation, web design, photography, a music video, and more!

Green and Gold + Steve Maloney and The Wandering Kind

Later in the evening the MusicNL group took over The White Horse Lounge for the MusicNL Open Mic Night… but I actually headed up to the GCSU Backlot to check out a performance from MusicNL Award-nominated artists Steve Maloney and The Wandering Kind and Green and Gold.

MusicNL-nightone (8 of 17)Steve Maloney and The Wandering Kind, who are nominated for four MusicNL awards in 2014.

It was a delight to see Steve Maloney and The Wandering Kind play again — it has only been a few weeks since I saw them play at the Three Bear Music Festival, but the group has been on tour since then. This show closed out their tour, and you could tell that after playing together for two weeks straight their performance was really tight. The band is nominated for four MusicNL awards this year, so we’ll have to wait until Sunday to see the results!

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Somehow this was my first time seeing Green and Gold perform. Can someone please explain how that hasn’t happened before? This four piece was so so good and literally had the dance floor full on their first song (on a Thursday night, no less!). Green and Gold are also nominated for four MusicNL awards this year, and it’s easy to see why: their sound is completely infectious and ranges from quiet and introspective to loud and dance-y! Super super cool. I can’t wait to see them again.

MusicNL-nightone (15 of 17)Green and Gold fill the dance floor early in the night.

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MusicNL week continues in Corner Brook until the awards gala at the Arts and Culture Centre on Sunday evening! There are showcases at Swirsky’s and The Palace on Friday and Saturday nights, workshops Saturday and Sunday, and the always-amazing songwriters circle on Sunday afternoon! Check out the full schedule at