Corner Brook sings “12 Days of Christmas” – 2014 Edition

December 23, 2014


Here it is! The 2014 Corner Brook Community Christmas video, a community singing of 12 Days of Christmas! 



Emma Peckford

Tom Brennan
Kendra Wheeler

Julia Quinton
Heather Wellman
Mark Bradbury

Jacqueline Carey and Oliver
Candace Cunning and Dru Kennedy
Kev Buckle
John CJ Murphy

The Mixed Tapes
Laura Foss
Jeremy Osmond
Maria Park
Wendy Woodland

Fortunate Ones
Geri Lynn Mackey
Kody Gardner
Charlene Connors and Ally Beck
Sarah Willett
Elaine and Robyn Huxter

The Socialites
Irene Barrett
Jeff Keeping/Atlanti-Con
Ian Locke
The Western Star: Diane Crocker, Jessie Nash, Geraldine Brophy, Gary Kean
Kirsten McCaffrey
Rachael Joffred

Robyn McHugh
Best Coast Cafe/Toshon Dawe
Krista Conway and Shelli Penney
CBRH Choir
Chelsea Noel
Andrew Tremblett
Donna Thistle
Terry Randell

Phil Churchill
Emma Donohue
Grenfell Campus Library
Vaughn Granter
Chris Banks
Dave Connors
Kevin Vincent
Jeremy Eaton, Colleen Connors, and Gary Moore
Peter Ollerhead

Stuart Simpson
Candice Pike
Mira Buckle
Scott Grant
Don Bradshaw
Karen Brown
Jenny Hutchinson
CB Council
Sheldon Peddle
Sarah Whiffen and Evan Wheeler

Lily Smallwood
Paul Heppleston
Jenn Caravan and Julia Rottboll
Bill Allan
RNC: Cody Dunphy, Jenelle Curtis, Scott Mosher
Niki Hollahan
Yvette Coleman
Adam Brake
Melissa Squarey
Daniel Tucker
Immaculate Heart Music Class

Michael Moulton
Sheldon Parsons
Bernice Hillier, Brian McHugh, Lindsay Bird
CBRH Teachers
Tom Cochrane
Shawn and Linda Leamon
April Waterman
Louis McDonald
Katie Manuel
Community Youth Network
Riverbrook Farms
Allison Crowe

  • LainieD

    This is awesome! I’ve already gone to YouTube and sent it on to some friends and relatives. Great job :-)

  • Guest

    Awesome job Tom & entire featuring list!

  • Dave La Rose

    Awesome job Tom & entire ‘Featuring’ list!

  • Geoff Ludlow

    That was the perfect Christmas gift to those of us who are up along.

  • Rick

    Good job Tom. Next year feature the name of the person singing during their moment, or, list the names in order of appearance.

    • Tom Cochrane

      Hey Rick! They are listed in order of appearance at the end of the video, and in the article above. :)