Corner Brook sings The 12 Days of Christmas – 2015 Edition

December 23, 2015


Here we go! Corner Brook sings the 12 Days of Christmas, the 2015 edition! 


Daniel Payne and Mandy Keeping

Louise Gauthier
Ivan, Pamela, Tom, Lori Lee, and Joyce

Kevin and Noah Hamilton
Nathan Locke
Sherman Downey

Wendy Woodland
Diedre Hutchings and Gary Moore
Grenfell Campus Library
Mr. H Presents crew

Steve Mugford
Darrell Hoddinott and Linda Greene (Canvas)
Jennifer, Mike, and Chase Broadbent
Brett Penny (Christopher’s)
RNC Corner Brook

Julia Quinton
Gary and Whit
Jacqueline Carey, Oliver, and Jesse
Helen, John, and Mikah Reid
Don Bradshaw
YMCA Santa

Bill Allan
David Smallwood
New Found Choir
Alycia Hamlyn
Cory Burden and Richard Thomson (Altronics)
Lorraine Matthews
The Newfoundland Emporium

Emma Peckford
Nate Smallwood
Steve Perchard and Amy Andrews and Henry
Dave McHugh Band
Elaine and Robyn Huxter
The Party Store
Matt Murley
Cherie Wheeler, Gary Moore, and Lindsay Bird

Dahlia Waller and Bridget Swift
Mike Moulton
April Waterman
Colleen Connors
CBRH Students
Paul Heppleston
Chris and Mira Buckle
Toshon Dawe and Toast Perdue
TNL’s Gift of the Magi cast

Ian Locke
Rachael Joffred
Lisa Roberts (Empire Atlantic)
Sheldon Peddle
Gary Bennett Music (Nick Hamlyn, Paul Lockyer, Isabella Ward)
YMCA Staff and Volunteers
Nikki Hollahan
Brad Randell
Karla Biggin
Lily Smallwood

Jim Parsons
Adam Brake and Link
Catherine Frost (Susan’s)
Ash-Lee Walsh
Bernice Hillier and Brian McHugh
Maria Park
Terry Randell
Christina Hamlyn
Rosie and Paige Allen
Mark and Annette Tierney
Kyleigh Brisson

Robyn and Dave La Rose
Andrea Greene
Cycle Solutions crew
Dru and Candace Kennedy
Phil Churchill
Western DMO
Corner Brook Intermediate
Erin Summers and Allison Power
Rodney Mercer
Mary Bluechardt, Ivan Emke, David Peddle, Gary Bradshaw, Laura Edwards, Cathy Stratton
Fortunate Ones