Open Mic For Stella

23 Jan 2014
10:00 PM - 11:30 PM
GCSU Backlot
20 University Drive

GCSU is hosting an Open Mic for Stella. The event is in aid of Stella Heppleston. Stella is currently receiving cancer treatment at the Janeway children’s hospital. Stella is a very strong young girl and we want to take this opportunity to give our support to her and her caring family. Proceeds from this event go directly to the Heppleston family in aid of Stella’s recovery.

Open Mic for Stella will take place 10:00pm Thursday Jan 23rd at the GCSU Backlot. Admission is voluntary. The event is open to Grenfell community and general public. GCSU is seeking volunteers to assist with the event. Personal donations can also be made to the family during the event. A 50:50 draw will also be taking place in the coming days. For More information contact the GCSU.

Open Mic for Stella is Sponsored by Grenfell Campus Student Union in partnership with The Candlelighters Association of Newfoundland.